6 Min Read

They say it takes three data points to signal a pattern. So as we begin Volume 3, and kick off a new year, it feels like a good time to summarise what we’ve learned so far. Investors You do have more power than perhaps you…

5 Min Read

Sofia Quintero’s career started in change management, before moving to advertising, then jumping into the tech industry and spending time at various startups. The common thread was listening to the customer, but it also gave her a humble advantage in understanding that EnjoyHQ didn’t have…

8 Min Read

As part of the early team at Revolut, Veronique Barbosa and her co-founders at Flux found themselves right at the front of a surge in fintech. But equally, they seem to have absorbed the importance of clarity of mission — a power which has driven…

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Welcome back to another cohort of unsexy.tech founders and their stories — as usual, we have a real mixed set of experiences and lessons. We’ll hear about a very engineering-centric culture having to make the move to a design-first mentality at Element. Then we have…