The world is obsessed with the latest gadgets, social network fads and apps. But when they talk about B2B tech, it tends to be because they have to. There’s a certain arm-waving to make it acceptable for a mainstream audience.

This is fair enough. But the hard work and tough challenges of those who spend their lives in B2B tech deserve better.

From fintech, to devtech to omnichannel, AI-powered translation, supply chains, shipping and more — it is too often the unsung hero behind the scenes of the world’s strongest businesses. A secret weapon.

So why use the adjective “unsexy”?

Because for those of us who have chosen to build our careers in B2B tech, we know it’s not unsexy. We know how valuable and exciting the work of these businesses can be — and the scale with which they affect the world.

We get that it’s “unsexy”, not unsexy.

That’s why I’m launching A book of lessons and stories from B2B tech founders about the challenges they have faced and the experiences they have shared.

It’s designed to talk about B2B in depth, just for the people who care. And I’ll be adding a little analysis here and there to draw your attention to notable patterns and lessons as we go.

I hope you find it as interesting as I have always found my conversations with founders in this world. And I hope it becomes an increasingly useful and referenceable resource for those on their own journey with “unsexy” tech.

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Max Tatton-Brown is founder and MD of Augur, the entrepreneurial communications partner for "unsexy" tech.

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